Certification - Real Estate EDM

Since February 2011, Faltour’s Real Estate Electronic Document Management (EDM) technology has been certified by the Organisme d’Autoréglementation du Courtage Immobilier du Québec (OACIQ). Complete compliancy could not be possible without the full adherence to the standards of PIPEDA, FINTRAC and CRA and local real estate legislations. Use of EDM in the real estate environment must be done in full compliance with local, provincial and federal laws and regulations and must simplify all of the intricacies of the real estate transaction process.

The Faltour EDM system complies with laws and regulations regarding the filing and archiving of contractual documents and registers, as required by the Quebec Loi sur le courtage immobilier (L.R.Q., c.C-73.2), Ontario Real Estate and Business Brokers Act 2002, and other legislations. Because Faltour’s EDM real estate technology has been endorsed by the OACIQ, many advantages are now within reach of all real estate offices and brokers, translating into increased revenues and improved quality of life.

EDM technology regulation requirements

It all started in May of 2010, when new Quebec legislation was adopted and Loi 73 sur le Courtage Immobilier opened the doors to a new set of rules from the OACIQ for the real estate industry. As a result, real estate offices and brokers are now allowed to use EDM – and to move toward a paperless office, at last! However, the OACIQ published the strictness set of standards and guidelines of the industry for the use of EDM, which is supported by an accreditation program to ensure the quality and compliance of proposed management systems. Faltour’s EDM system received full certification in February 2011 following a long due diligence process. Faltour made sure its EDM solution was also in compliance with other legislations such as Ontario REBBA 2002 documents and record keeping rules. Faltour’s certified EDM solution easily handles the filing, archiving, access to and sharing of listing and sale documents. It is also required that an electronically stored document must follow strict Treasury Board PIPEDA, FINTRAC and CRA rules to maintain the desired legal value.

Complicated? Not at all – the real estate industry should celebrate; there is nothing as simple and efficient. Remember, Faltour’s solution is not software; everything is Web-based. There’s nothing to install, nothing to download, nothing to configure. With Faltour EDM, real estate brokers and offices have peace of mind because we manage all complex or trivial technology and application issues including compliance, security, and accessibility to all files.

Faltour’s certified EDM is unique and is based entirely on strict real estate rules and transaction procedures. The Nexone team of real estate professionals has developed a new system that gives you the opportunity to get a head start using EDM. Moving toward a paperless office is inevitable and the trend will continue with new developments in technology. Take advantage now of the many unique benefits and advantages that Faltour’s EDM provides. Our team will assist you throughout your transition to using electronic document management to optimize your business processes.