Real Estate EDM System

Electronic Document Management (EDM), also known as Electronic Document and Record Management System (EDRMS), is a computerized system which is used to acquire, file, store and archive the content of a document in the form of paper or electronic form. Thanks to Web-based technology, Faltour has developed an EDM system to optimize and simplify management tasks related to paper handling in a real estate office. The final objective is a paperless office.

In fact, one should see an EDM system as an uncluttered office space – free of paper – where a simple computer or other mobile device connected to the Internet is sufficient to maintain, access and share all business files and documents.

Electronic Document Management (EDM) System by Faltour

All an EDM user needs to do is to scan a paper document or fill an electronic form, which is converted into a PDF file that can then be stored on the Faltour EDM system – a very straight-forward operation.

Real estate industry-based electronic document management combined with powerful Web-based workflow processes deliver business optimization that clearly changes the daily procedure of a real estate brokerage.

Indeed, based on rigid  real estate business practices and strict regulations, Faltour has created a unique electronic document management system that, from its inception, has used the most up-to-date, advanced Web technology and has perfectly adapted it to the needs of real estate professionals.

Key elements of Electronic Document Management:

- Scanning: converting a paper document into an electronic form, most often a PDF document.

- Electronic forms: filling an electronic editable form on a PC or on the web and automatically save it as a PDF document on Faltour.

- Filing: storing and archiving documents based on complex rules and workflow.

- Accessibility: granting or denying access permission to specific files or documents based on users’ hierarchy, laws and regulations as well as agents and offices transaction practices.

- Sharing: ability to send documents to colleagues or collaborators and maintain a registry of all communications.

- Workflow: the process of building automated triggers and actions to help managing required and missing documents, follow ups and the entire file life cycle.

- Back Office integration: ability to automatically import, review and process transaction data into your brokerage back office tool.

The Faltour EDM system offers functions that deliver results beyond the usual user requirements. Faltour’s EDM architecture draws on a list of concrete business practices and complies with the highest security and performance standards established by the industry.