Benefits - Real Estate EDM

Optimizing the Real Estate Business Process

It is well known that the Web is a platform that supports efficient corporate business solutions, providing many advantages and benefits. However, the critical design elements of security, performance, accessibility and scalability represent our most significant development challenges. Faltour has met – and gone beyond – that challenge in the design of its electronic document management (EDM) technology. Faltour offers an EDM system that is uniquely user- friendly.

Created in compliance with industry regulations, the Faltour EDM system not only protects consumers but also significantly reduces operating costs – at every level – while providing a secure and efficient business environment, as you can see in the savings calculator.

Key benefits for real estate offices using the Faltour EDM system:

- SIGNIFICANTLY reduces paper consumption.

- Almost eliminates paperwork.

- Eliminates the need to handle real estate documents almost completely.

- Regains costly floor space used for the storage and archiving of paper documents.

- Increases ease of access to any document – anywhere, anytime.

- Reduces travel time related to the handling of documents by 80%.

- Reduces costs related to peripheral equipment acquisition such as fax machines and photocopiers.

- Reduces costs related to peripheral equipment operations such as paper, ink, toner, etc.

- Improves productivity of administration staff.

- Reduces time required to get sales information to your back-office system.

Moreover, the Nexone team simplifies the transition to EDM for your brokers, revitalizing them by providing a modern way of doing business.

Key benefits for realtors using the Faltour EDM system:

- Eliminates the need for all photocopies and associated costs.

- Eliminates faxed documents and associated costs.

- Eliminates travel time to drop-off or pick-up documents re: colleagues, notaries, etc.

- Allows you to efficiently file, manage and retrieve any document in 2 or 3 clicks.

- Simplifies and supports collaboration between brokers at any time.

- Allows you to work from anywhere, anytime.

- Allows you to differentiate your services.

- Provides you with significant time gains and cost savings.

- Allows you to increase your revenues

Faltour’s EDM technology has not been developed only to meet industry requirements, but to surpass them. Faltour’s EDM can be used for the most complex real estate transactions – and most importantly – the Faltour system of electronic document management has been developed by real estate specialists to bring you real life benefits!

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