Real Estate EMD Software vs. Online Solution (Web)

Faltour's Electronic Document Management (EDM) technology is NOT Software

In our computerized universe, it may seem unlikely that the end of the software era is close at hand. But would it surprise you to know that downloading software to be installed on your computer is almost a thing of the past? We can assure you – that is the case. The Faltour EDM system is not software; you have nothing to download, nothing to configure, and absolutely nothing to install. Faltour is Web-based, and the Web is everywhere and is always available. You have nothing to worry about when using Faltour’s EDM online. We manage the system’s programming, development, complex hardware and security issues – you will never have to ask software-related questions such as:

Do I have the most up-to-date version of the software?
Is my computer powerful enough for this software?
Will it crash?
Will I lose data?
Can I use a MAC or PC?
Will I be capable of using it?
Do I have time left on my support contract?

We send those worries to “Never Land”. If you know how to navigate Facebook, you will find using Faltour EDM even simpler. The software era is over, and so is the era of software-related computer issues. Whenever you have access to the Internet, you will have access to the stable, reliable, secure and always up-to-date Faltour EDM service. Our technology has been developed in compliance with the rules, guidelines and procedures of real estate brokerage.

A Web Solution for the Real Estate Business Process

Without a doubt, the Web has changed the way we do business. These changes are now within reach of real estate professionals. Today, most other commercial professions enjoy the benefits and productivity gains generated by Web-based EDM technology. eBusiness has made its mark around the world and is now highly reliable thanks to cloud computing infrastructure. Web-based information systems have had a significant increase in popularity because they are more secure and easier to maintain, and they are much more user-friendly. This has all evolved due to the migration of locally-installed software to a centralized Web environment. The comparison between complex software and Web-based applications is no longer necessary.

Now is the time for the real estate profession to take advantage of optimizing key business processes by receiving a full range of benefits when using our Web-based solution. More time to sell, or to enjoy life – the choice is yours!

Faltour Web-based EDM solution benefits:
- Access your files and documents from anywhere, anytime.
- Physical disk-storage purchase and maintenance no longer required.
- No need to acquire expensive hardware, software licenses or installation service.
- No more permanent costs associated with the maintenance and support of local software applications.
- No need to worry about space and capacity – the Faltour system adapts to your daily needs.
- Significantly reduce the pressure on your IT team.
- Access all your files and documents from any mobile device connected to the Internet – enjoy absolute mobility!